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Windows Server 2012/2016 ( MCSE) Course And Training


About this course


What you'll learn

Windows Server 2012/2016 ( MCSE)

  • Windows OS Introduction

  • Windows Client and Server Editions

  • Price comparison of different editions and versions

  • Installation and up gradation

  • Windows Editions up gradation

  • Global Certification Paper Code

  • HCL of Server OS

  • Max RAM capacity based on editions


Active Directory Introduction


  • Global Catalog Server

  • AD Database File and Sysvol directory

  • Domain/Forest Functional Level

  • AD Sites and Services ( Introduction)

  • Components of  AD

  • AD Partitions

  • AD installation and  un installation

  • Adding client pc (Workstation to domain)

  • Using administrator  authentication

  • Using other user authentication


Working with AD users and computers


User Account


  • Creating  and Modifying

  • Logging into different client PC

  • Different user properties (Changing password, Set limited time to use PC, Set fix PC to log on,  automatic account expiration, unlock account, disabling account  etc.)

  • Associated permission or restriction


Group Account


  • Types of group

  • Group Scope


Creating and modifying group


  • Knowing different built-in group

  • Adding a user or group to built-in group

  • Checking group permission with shared folder


Organizational Unit


  • Use and importance

  • Creating and modifying OU

  • Deleting OU




  • Use and importance


Command line utility with AD objects


  • dsadd, dsmod, dsget, dsrm, dsmov, dsqueryetc

  • Creating users with csvde and ldife


Creating multiple users by uploading excel sheet.


Drive Mapping and Home Folder


  • Advantages and limitation


Different user Profile


  • Domain Local, Roaming Profile and Mandatory Profile


Group Policy


  • Introduction and use

  • Applying GPO for an OU  and for entire domain

  • Disabling Task Manager

  • Disabling Desktop icons and Start menu option

  • Disabling Pen drive access, Right click   etc.

  • To fix wallpaper in client PCs

  • Linking multiple OU with one GPO

  • GP Inheritance, Backup and restore

  • Excluding users from GPO

  • WMI filters

  • Software Deployment

  • Group policy updation  methods


Server Upgradation


Class Test




  • Introduction

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Installation and configuration

  • Creating Scope

  • Creating multiple scope

  • Introduction of Superscope

  • DHCP backup

  • DHCP Restore

  • DHCP Relay agent




  • Introduction and use

  • Creating FTP server for everyone

  • Creating FTP server for  required user

  • Configure different server to store FTP data

  • Accessing FTP server from client PC




  • Introduction and use

  • Creating HTTP server for everyone




  • Introduction and use

  • Port number

  • Forward and Reverse lookup zones

  • Different Zone servers

  • DNS records type

  • DNS database

  • Internet  domain hierarchy

  • DNS query

  • Aging and scavenging




  • Introduction and use

  • RSAT configuration in Windows 7 client

  • RSAT configuration in Windows 8 or 10  client




  • Encrypting files for local users

  • Encrypting files for network users

NTFS Permissions


  • Knowing about Folder Sharing permissions

  • Renaming or moving Shared folder

  • Maximum user can access a shared folder

  • Changing permissions and observing effect.


Remote Desktop


  • RDP connection for AD users

  • Multiple session in RDP for single user


Terminal Server


  • Configuring Applications to share with terminal clients

  • Sharing Application through web access

  • Sharing Application through shared folder




  • Adding consoles of local computer

  • Adding consoles of  remote computer


Offline File


  • Introduction and use

  • Configuration




  • Introduction and use

  • Configuration  for Single windows

  • Configuration  for multiple windows

  • Adding drivers

  • Adding unattended answer file

  • Capturing  image

  • Discovering image  


Windows AIK


Basic and Dynamic Disk


  • Introduction to MBR and GPT

  • Difference between FAT, NTFS and ReFS

  • Data storing and accessing method in Spanned, Striped, Mirrored and in RAID volumes

  • Configuring Dynamic volumes

  • Hardware and Software RAID

  • Advantages and limitations


Class Test


  • Managing Internet ( Proxy server)

  • Hyper V

  • Application Server

  • Local Security Policy


Account Policies


  • Password policy

  • Account logout policy

Local Policies

  • User right assignment

  • Security options

  • Disk Quota

  • Assigning different disk size accessing for different users

  • File server resource manager

  • Assigning  fixed disk space usage for shared folder of server

  • Knowing  Hard limit and soft limit

  • Restrict users to store executables files in server’s shared folder 





Server core


    Knowing Server Core

    Benefits of Server Core


  • Available  roles in Server Core

  • Knowing DFS

  • Advantages and limitation

  • Configuring DFS


Remote and Routing Access


  • Use and configuration




  • Importance and use

  • VPN protocols

  • VPN configuration scenario

  • VPN configuration for LAN user

  • VPN configuration for WAN user


Monitoring Server Heath ( NAP )


  • Using NAP through DHCP

  • Using NAP through  Group policy




  • Fail over clustering (FOC)

  • Network Load balancing (NLB)

  • Introduction of member server

  • Knowing minimum and  maximum  server nodes added for clustering


Patch management (WSUS)


  • Importance and use

  • Configuration

  • Adding clients  for WSUS


Print Server


  • Knowing local and network printer

  • Installing hardware and software

  • Configuration

  • Printer spooling

  • Common troubleshooting


Shadow Copy


  • Configuration

  • Verifying


Class Test






  • Knowing the structure

  • Configuration

  • Checking the associated services

  • Checking operation master




  • Adding multiple  CDC

  • Adding workstation to CDC

  • Logging different user in different domain network


Creating other domain in existing forest


  • Adding clients in domain

  • Discussing group scope

  • Logging different user in different domain network


AD sites and Services



AD Certificate Services


Trust relationship



FSMO roles


  • Overview of FSMO roles

  • Transferring FSMO roles


Seizing FSMO roles


Server Backup


  • What is back

  • Backup types

  • Backup storing media

  • Backup configuration

    • Authoritative Restore

    • Non-Authoritative Restore


Discussing and configuring  new features of Server 2012


  • Multiserver support in Server Manager

  • Server Core is the default

  • Built-in NIC teaming

  • SMB 2.2

  • Improved File and Storage Services

  • Expanded cluster scalability

  • Multiple concurrent Live Migrations

  • Storage Live Migration

  • Work folders

  • Hyper-V Replication

  • Expanded PowerShell Capabilities

  • Resilient File System


Discussing and configuring  new features of Server 2016

  • Nano Server

  • Nested  Virtualization( Hyper V)

  • Container support

  • ADFS v4

Class Test



Course Details
  • Duration: 40

  • hours effort: 8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 19800/-

  • Subject: Networking

  • Level: Beginner


A+, N+