Tableau Syllabus Course And Training

Tableau Basics

         The Business Challenge who gets the Annual Bonus?
         Connecting Tableau to different – different sources
         Navigating Tableau
         Creating Calculated Fields
         Adding colors
         Adding Labels and formatting
         Exporting your worksheet
         Get the Viz
         Test 1

Time Series, Aggregation and Filters

          Working with Data extracts in Tableau
          Working with Time Series
          Understanding Aggregation, Granularity, and level of detail
          Creating an Area Chart & Learning about Highlighting
          Adding Filter and Quick Filter
         Test 2

Maps, Scatterplot, and your first Dashboard

           Joining Data in Tableau
          Creating a Map, Working with Hierarchies
          Creating a Scatter Plot
          Create our First Dashboard
          Adding interactive Action- Filter
          Adding interactive Action- Highlighting
         Test 3


Joining and blending data, Plus: Dual Axis Chart

           Understanding Joins
           Joins with Duplicate Values
           Joining on multiple fields
           The Showdown: Joining data vs Blending Data
           Data Blending in Tableau
           Dual Axis Chart
           Creating calculated fields in Blend (Advance topic)
           Test 4


Table Calculations, Advance Dashboards, Storytelling

           Downloading the dataset and connecting to Tableau
           Mapping: How to set Geographical Roles
           Creating Table calculations
           Creating Bins
           Creating Group
           Creating Set
           Leveraging the power of parameters
           How to create a Tree map chart
           How to create a Lollipop Chart
           How to create a Donut Chart
           Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard
           Creating a storyline
           Test 5


Advance Data Preparation

             What format your data should be in
             Data Interpreter
            Splitting a Column into multiple Columns
            Metadata Grid
            Fixing Data Errors in Tableau
            Test 6

Course Details

Duration: 40 hours

Effort: 6 hours per week

Price With GST: 16500/-


Level: Beginner