RPA Syllabus Course And Training

Robotic Process Automation Course Description:

Launched with a view to incorporate RPA into IT firms for remote management system, RPA lodges to solve problems for fast execution. For career aspirants in RPA and businesses, this gives a unique opportunity to train digital workforce.  Gaining adequate subject knowledge and skill will prepare to take-up real-time tasks.

A comparative study indicates the supplementary benefits of RPA over traditional methods.

  •  RPA is agile and methods of RPA are much advanced automation technologies

  •  Business performance and operations are uniquely statured with RPA

  •  RPA solves problems and develops solutions for every business organization

  •  The process of evaluation is made effective with RPA

  •  ROI, business efficiency and cost management are achieved

  •  Long-term results are standing for business growth

  •  Secured business knowledge with the management of various business scenarios with RPA.


KBS Training is a leading professional training service provider in Robotic Process Automation Certification.  With over a decade of market presence in IT industry, KBS Training has trained employees of reputed IT companies, students, and professionals.  Pertaining to the RPA course, we have practical understanding faculty whose IT profile is widely recognized for their teaching and training skills.


Especially the drive through Robotics Blue Prism Training, Robotics UiPath Training, Robotics Automation Anywhere Training, and Robotics Open Span Training will formulate and enforce expediency in achieving thorough learning in RPA.  Since this course is entirely about Robots in business structure streamed through IT environment. Framed exclusively as an advanced course, you will gain practical and working proficiency in RPA. KBS Training is a familiar platform for ERP courses as we ensure to deliver comprehensive training

through workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions.  This will explore intrinsic learning capabilities.



By opting to choose Robotic Process Automation Certification, you are taking your career to the next level that is most positively the future in business operations on a vertical scale. To verify about career prospects of a Robotics Engineer, the need has been emerging and there’s landscape demand for certified Robotic professionals.  You get the responsibility to design, build and develop software program robots and contribute to the monitoring and manoeuvring of RPA technologies.  During this process, an additional responsibility of testing, debugging, fixing errors and maintenance are also performed. Although many business sectors are need of RPA, there are few prominent sectors that mandatorily need digital work force.

  •  Business Support Service Providers in Human Resource, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Administration.

  •  Data Analytics

  •  BPO Non-Voice Sector

  •  Banking

  •  Hospitality

  •  Logistics

  •  Insurance


RPA automation brings a bigger impact and enables the benefits of:

  •  Cost reduction

  •  High volume of efficiency, accuracy, and quality

  •  Big amount of cash flow

  •  Reduced cycle time

  •  Improved customer experience and expanded revenue

  •  High reliability on technology, automation, and reliance on IT



Extending professional training on all parameters, our session calendar is outlined for both working and non-working students to attend classes conveniently. Building robots is expensive, and learning about RPA involves coursework and intensive coaching. Attending both theory and practical training sessions, KBS Training will magnify your responsive knowledge and will boost your technical and functional skills. During the time of training, you have great opportunity to seek clarifications with faculty in question-answer discussion that will help you to gain an in-depth conceptual and contextual insights of subject areas. Our training is not limited to a specific location, but we are offering online training across the globe and some of the cities already having our clients are Singapore, Australia, U.S, U.K, and India.

Robotics Blue Prism Course Content

Robotics Blue Prism Training consists proven takeaways of advantages that include high scalability, on-premise enterprise deployment, high performance, easy and fast availability, and preventive disaster recovery scenarios. Built on Microsoft .NET Framework, automates any applications and gives support in Mainframe, WPF, Java, Web, and Windows. During the course, you will be learning about Blue Prism configuration, automation technology, real-time operations, data analytics and recording system that are performed exceedingly well by software robot.

Robotic Process Automation Blue Prism course contents


  • Blue prism’s Robotic Automation


Process Studio

  •  Running a Process

  •  Basic Skills

  •  Process Validation

  •  Decision stage

  •  Calculation Stage

  •  Data Items

  •  Review


Process Flow

  •  Decisions

  •  Circular Paths

  •  Controlling Play

  •  Set next Stage

  •  Breakpoints

  •  Collections and loops

  •  Layers of Logic

  •  Pages for Organization

  •  Review


Inputs and Outputs:

  •  Input Parameters

  •  Stepping  and Pages

  •  Data Item Visibility

  •  Data Types

  •  Output Parameters

  •  Start-up Parameters

  •  Control room

  •  Process Outputs

  •  Review 


Business Objects

  •  Object Studio

  •  Business Objects

  •  Action Stage

  •  Inputs and Outputs

  •  The Process Layer

  •  Review


Object Studio

  •  Creating a Business Object

  •  Application Modeler

  •  Spying Elements

  •  Attributes

  •  Attribute Selection

  •  Launch

  •  Wait

  •  Timeouts

  •  Terminate

  •  Write

  •  Press

  •  Attach and Detach

  •  Read

  •  Actions

  •  Action Inputs and Outputs

  •  Data Items as Inputs

  •  Review


Overview  Of Error Case and Management

  •  Error Management

  •  Exception Handling

  •  Recover And Resume

  •  Throwing Exceptions

  •  Preserving  the Current Exception

  •  Exception Bubbling

  •  Exception Blocks

  •  Exception handling in practice

  •  Review


Case Management

  •  Review

  •  Queue Items

  •  Work Queue Configuration

  •  Defer

  •  Attempts

  •  Pause and Resume

  •  Filters

  •  Reports

  •  Review


Additional Features

  •  Safe stop

  •  Collection Actions

  •  Choice Stage

  •  Logging

  •  Log viewer

  •  System Manager

  •  Process/Business Object Grouping

  •  Process and object References

  •  Export and Import

  •  Release Manager-Packages and  Releases


Consolidation  Exercise

  •  Order system Process

  •  Consolidation Exercise Checklist

  •  Submitting your Completed Solution


Advanced Features:

  •  Undefined Collections

  •  Data Item Initialisation

  •  Data Item Exposure

  •  Casting

  •  Code Stage

  •  Run Mode

  •  Initialize and Cleanup

  •  Attribute Match Types

  •  Dynamic Attributes

  •  Active Accessibility

  •  Application manager Mode

  •  Global Clicks and Keys

  •  Credentials

  •  Environment Locking

  •  Command Line

  •  Resource PC


Further Application Types

  •  Mainframe Applications

  •  Java Applications


Match Index and Match Reverse



Robotics UiPath Course Content

Robotics UiPath Training consists of learning in three primary areas and these are – UiPath Robots that execute front office and back office processes. UiPath Studio learning is about visual processing, templates, and control over the automation. UiPath Orchestrator explains about how to deploy, start, stop, and schedule processes using a console and surveillance the activities of robots. This is a single interface to navigate through multiple robots running in a system.

Robotic Process Automation UI Path course contents

Basic Concepts

  •  Introduction

  •  Control Flow


UI Automation

  •  Recording

  •  UI Elements


Selectors and Screen Scraping

  •  Selectors

  •  Screen Scraping


Image Automation

  •  Image and Test based Automation

  •  Advanced Citrix automation


Data Manipulation

  •  Data Table

  •  Excel


Mail ,PDF,User Events

  •  Mail PDF

  •  User Events


Putting It All Together

  •  Project Organization

  •  Exceptions And Debugging


Robotics Automation Anywhere Course Content

Robotics Automation Anywhere Training Explains about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software.  There’s more learning about how to deploy digital workforce composed of software bots that finish the business processes end-to-end.  Automation Anywhere brings a combination of traditional RPA along with cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data.

Robotic Process Automation Automation Anywhere Course content

Introduction to Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere Architecture

  •  Components of AA

  •  What is control Room

  •  Different Types of Users

  •  Bot Creator and Bot Runner

  •  Software Requirements

  •  Hardware requirements

  •  Task Bot

  •  Meta Bot


Automation Anywhere  Dashboard

  •  Navigation Menus

  •  Task pane

  •  Repository/Reports/Triggers/Schedules/Workflows


Task Bots

  •  Recording  Modes

  •  Types of Variables

  •  Commands

  •  Recording a Task

  •  Running a Task

  •  Task Creation


Overview  on  Task Editor
Task Editor Features

  •  Task Editor Features

  •  Actions List


Commands Used
(All the commands are covered,below are major commands)

  •  Excel Command

  •  Variable Operation Command

  •  PDF  integration Command

  •  IF/ELSE  Command

  •  Database Command

  •  Email Automation Command

  •  File and Folder commands

  •  Error Handling Command

  •  PGP command

  •  Web Service Implementation



  •  Metabot Overview

  •  Metabot  Creation

  •  Understanding  Metabot  Designer

  •  Sample Examples


Robotics Open Span Training

Enables acquisition of desktop automation technologies that mainly lead towards data-driven growth, ensuring efficiency in operations, and providing lifetime value to customers.  For learners, Robotics Open Span Training ascends skills in interacting with the applications which is like the manual efforts asserted by humans for improving profits.

Course Details

Duration: 40 hours

Effort: 6 hours per week

Price With GST: 22500/-


Level: Beginner