Real time tracking of every moving object.
  • Very compact device
  • Easy to install using OBD connector
  • No wire splicing
  • Can be installed under the Dashboard
  • Compatible with all vehicle models
  • One year device replacement warranty


User application features
  • User friendly app for smart devices
  • Free Android / iOS app
  • Secure user name and password
  • Updated location on Google maps
  • Overspeed alert
  • Low fuel alert
  • Details of stoppage duration
  • Location sharing with friends
  • Support Geofence
  • Stop the engine by sending SMS
  • Misuse alert
  • Daily reports sent to user email
  • Monthly fuel consumption report
Who can use..?
  • School buses
  • School Kids
  • Senior people
  • PET tracking
  • Schauffer driven car

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