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Steps for making OrCAD simulations

Steps for making OrCAD simulations

  1. Go to Start --> Programs -->OrCAD Release 9.1 -->Capture CIS

2. Go to File -->New -->Project...

3. Give a name for your project. Select Analog or Mixed-signal Circuit Wizard. Choose a folder for saving your project. Click on OK.

4. For digital simulations Add (double click on) 7400.olb (conatins TTL ICs) For analog simulations Add (double click on) opamp.olb (conatains Op-Amps including uA741) and diode.olb (contains diodes)

5. Now make the circuit in the schematic window. Use the following buttons:

A sample schematic:

6. Save your work. Click on File -->Save. 7. Place voltage markers and run the simulations using the following buttons:

8. View the resulting waveforms.


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