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Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (which has since merged into Oracle Corporation). Java programs are platform independent which means they can be run on any operating system with any type of processor as long as the Java interpreter is available on that system.

What is a java program

 Key features of the java language

 The java technology and Development


 Running/testing a java program

Create Java Main Class

 Java classes

 The main Method

Data In the Cart(Variables)

 Introducing variables

 Working with Strings

 Manipulating numeric data

Managing Multiple Items

 Working with conditions

 Working/processing with a list of items

Describing Objects and Classes

 Working with objects and classes

 Defining fields and methods

 Declaring, Instantiating, and initializing Objects

 Working with object References

 Doing more with Arrays

 Introducing the NetBeans IDE

 Introducing the soccer league use case

Manipulating and Formating the Data In your Program

 Using the string class

 Using the Java API Docs

 Using the string Builder Class

 More about primitive data types

 Promoting and casting variables

Creating and Using Methods

 Using Methods and method arguments and return


 Static methods and variables

 Overloading a method

Using Encapsulation

 Access Control, Encapsulation & Overloading


More on Conditionals

More on Arrays and Loops

Using Inheritance

Using Interfaces

Handling Exceptions

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