Perl Course And Training

RTS Knowledge is a part of Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd a company involved in design, development & manufacturing different electronic products catering various applications in the market. Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd has a wide range of embedded products & DSP to its credit. The products are constantly improved upon through continuous innovation & research. RTS over the period has diversified its operations, grown into one of the India's premier organizations, developing sophisticated hi-tech hardware & software products, providing embedded solutions, enterprise resource planning, engineering solutions for a basic service provider/client to a complex network/cluster of service centers, which has become the necessity of the day. An excellent process methodology brings home the advantage of delivering solutions on time, every time.


BE/B.Tech in ECE/EEE/EIE/ Electronics/Biomedical/CSE/IT/ Mechatronics, MCA; Master of Science (M.Sc.) (Electronics/ Instrumentation, CS, Physics with specialization in Electronics); Master of Technology in CSE/IT /Electronics/Mechatronics.


  •  One Months

  • (1Hr Theory +4 Hr Practicals)

Course Content

  • Introduction

History of evolution, Why Perl, Uses of Perl, Perl on Linux, windows, Real life examples


  • Perl Fundamentals

First program with minimal explanation, Variables : scalar, array, hash, Operators, Print statements , Comments, Executing the program, Use of use strict and use warnings pragma, Subroutines


  • Control structure and loops

if, if else, if elsif else, nested if else, for, foreach, while, do while, next, unless, return, exit, last, until, redo, Ternary operators, goto label, Given and when similar to switch and case


  • Useful/necessary functions to memorize

Chop and chomp, sort and reverse, caller, wantarray, exec, system and eval, uc, ucfirst, lc lcfirst, grep and map, length, undef, qw, qq,q, qx, qr, warn, die


  • Array Functions

push and pop,  join and split, slice and splice, shift and unshift


  • Hash Functions

keys, values, exists, defined, delete, each


  • Array and hash manipulation

Array and hash reference, Anonymous reference, Sorting array and hash elements


  • Inbuilt special variables


  • Regular Expressions basics

Regexp basics, Modifiers, quantifier, metacharacters, Pattern matching, search and replace, transliteration


  • File Handling

Read, write, append, open , close files, Binary file manipulation using binmode, File testing, Open directory, read files into it etc


  • Introduction to Modules and Packages

CPAN modules, How to work with CPAN modules, use, require, do, Object Oriented Perl basics


  • Database Connectivity

Connection to the database, Manipulating the fetched values from databases, Inserting/updating database.