PCB Designing Course And Training

Course Details
  • Price With GST: 17770/-​

  • Subject: Embedded Systems

  • Level: beginner

RTS Knowledge is a part of Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd a company involved in design, development & manufacturing different electronic products catering various applications in the market. Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd has a wide range of embedded products & DSP to its credit. The products are constantly improved upon through continuous innovation & research. RTS over the period has diversified its operations, grown into one of the India's premier organizations, developing sophisticated hi-tech hardware & software products, providing embedded solutions, enterprise resource planning, engineering solutions for a basic service provider/client to a complex network/cluster of service centers, which has become the necessity of the day. An excellent process methodology brings home the advantage of delivering solutions on time, every time.


BE/B.Tech in ECE/EEE/EIE/ Electronics/Biomedical/CSE/IT/ Mechatronics, MCA; Master of Science (M.Sc.) (Electronics/ Instrumentation, CS, Physics with specialization in Electronics); Master of Technology in CSE/IT /Electronics/Mechatronics.


  •  Five weeks

  • (1Hr Theory +4 Hr Practicals)

Course Content



    • Getting started with Tools,

    • Capture work environment, 

    • Starting a project, 

    • Setting up your project, 

    • Design structure, Placing, editing, and connecting parts and electrical symbols, 

    • Adding and editing graphics and text

    • Changing your view of a schematic page, 

    • About libraries and parts, Creating and editing parts, 

    • About the processing tools, 

    • Preparing to create a net list, Creating a net list, 

    • Creating reports, Exporting and importing schematic data.


  • PCB DESIGN (OrCAD PCB editor)

    • What is a PCB and why do we use them, 

    • Physical PCB construction, PCB Workflow, Footprint generation

    • Importing, Parts placement, 

    • Mechanically defined components, 

    • Routing guidelines setting, 

    • PCB Construction (Power and Ground Plane), 

    • Routing guidelines, Routing Copper Pour,

    • DRC Checking, 

    • From Layout to production

    • Drilling and Fabrication

    • Gerber File generation

    • Multilayer Board design

    • Viewing Gerber file

  • LAB

    • Schematic capture, 

    • from schematic to PCB, 

    • Parts placement and routing, 

    • Making footprints, 

    • Post Process


  • PCB Practices

    • Starting a new project (Useful folder structure; importing reference schematics; collecting and sorting documents)

    • Schematics design (Drawing schematics; conventions and useful tips to create readable schematics)

    • Selecting components and creating libraries (How to select components for your designs to prevent problems during production; how to create useful libraries)

    • Footprints, 3D models and starting a new PCB (How to create footprints and a 3D model of your PCB; how 3D models can help you.)

    • Variants & BOMs (Creating and using variants; generating professional BOMs; job files)

    • Checking Libraries and Schematics (Techniques for properly checking your libraries & schematics to help you design boards that work right the first time)

    • PCB Layout ( 1st Part ) & Placement (How to do layout; how to do placement; tips and tricks )

    • PCB Layout ( 2nd Part ) & Impedances, Stackup (How to tweak your layout; how to design your own stackup; what is important)

    • Stackup (2nd Part), Finishing PCB, Length Matching (HDI Stackup; how to finish and check your PCB; how to do length matching)

    • Generating Output documentation (How to add important information for manufacturers; how to generate professional documentation; assembly drawings, Gerber files, etc.)

  • Student Performance Test After Completion Course​


OrCAD Tutorials

Here you will find some OrCAD tutorials which have step by step instructions along with screenshots to help you on: