PCB Design Course And Training

Course Details
  • Duration: 40​​​

  • hours effort: 8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 17770/-​

  • Subject: Embedded Systems

  • Level: beginner


Knowledge of basic electronics and components



About this course


Someone will learn PCB design with Cadence tools Orchad and Allegro. The course is helpful for learning Printed circuit board (PCB) and architecture. This course will also be helpful for designing schematics, Placing and routing, PCB layouts. The trainer has 13+ years of experience from industry. He will highlight industrial issues and important topics of PCB designing and electronic circuitry. Best available training facilities available in Bangalore with track record of 100% placements.

What you'll learn

The Design

Creating a New PCB Project

Adding a Schematic to the Project

Setting Options - Schematic Document Options - Schematic Editor Preferences

Locating the Components and Loading the Libraries

Placing the Components on the Schematic - Placing the Transistors - Placing the Resistors - Placing the Capacitors - Installing the Connector Library - Placing the Connector - Component Positioning Tips

Wiring up the Circuit - Wiring Tips - Nets and Net Labels

Setting Up Project Options

Checking the Electrical Properties of Your Schematic - Setting up the Error Reporting - Setting Up the Connection Matrix - Setting up Class Generation - Setting Up the Comparator

Compiling the Project to Check for Errors

Creating a New PCB - Creating a New Board from a Template - Configuring the Board Shape and Location

Transferring the Design

Ready to Start the PCB Design Process

Setting Up the PCB Workspace - Configuring the Display of Layers - Creating a View Configuration - Physical Layers and the Layer Stack Manager - PCB Workspace Grids * Imperial or Metric? * Suitable Grid Settings - Component Positioning and Placement options

Setting Up the Design Rules - Routing Width Design Rules * Signal Nets Routing Width * Power Nets Routing Width - Defining the Electrical Clearance Constraint - Defining the Routing Via Style

Positioning the Components on the PCB - Changing a Footprint

Interactively Routing the Board - Routing Tips - Interactive Routing Modes - Modifying and Rerouting * Reroute an existing Route * Re-arrange Existing Routes * Track Dragging Tips

Automatically Routing the Board

Verifying Your Board Design - Configuring the Display of Rule Violations - Checking for Rule Violations - Identifying the Error Conditions

Viewing Your Board in 3D - Tips for Working in 3D

Output Documentation - Available Output Types - Generating Gerber Files - Creating a Bill of Materials

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