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?Handled all the aspects of Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting and Load Balancing, Clustering, Deploying Applications, Performance Tuning and Maintenance of Weblogic Server versions 10g/11g.


? Installed Web Logic on LINUX environments using GUI, console and silent modes. ? Configure WebLogic Servers in a Cluster environment solution for High Availability, Load balancing and failover support. ?


Experience in setting up multiple Domains, Managed Servers and Machines in different cluster environments.


? Proficient in deployment of various Applications (WAR and EAR) in domain and clustered environments of Web Logic server by using the tools like admin console, WebLogic.Deployer utility.


? Configuring of Data sources, Pool Connections and troubleshooting to fixing up problems.


? Expertise in Installation and Configuration of Apache HTTP Web server.


? Experience in configuring and managing secured environments using SSL and digital certificates.


? Troubleshooting and Monitoring the Performance by tuning JVM heap size and garbage collection parameters.


? Good in analyzing the thread dumps by using the tools like Samurai. ? Good experience on basic UNIX commands. JBOSS 6.2 APP SERVER


? Installation and configuration of JBoss EAP 6.2 server. ? Deployment of war/ear applications to the standalone and domain based jboss instances.


? Configuration of Deployment scanner in standalone JBOSS instances.


? Deployment of JAR, WAR, EAR files to JBOSS instances using web console and CLI interfaces.


? Setup of the Highly available clustered JBOSS App server environment using multiple standalone instances and Domain managed servers.


? Creation of server groups and profile assignments to the server groups in a domain.


? Configuration of JDBC Data sources and connection pools.


? Troubleshooting issues related to application slowness, struck threads and OutOfMemory issues.


? Integration of Apache server with jboss app server using mod_jk and mod_cluster, mod_proxy plugins.


? Tuning of JVM parameters to achieve better performance. ? Client interaction to make sure the high priority P1 tickets are taken care properly.


? 24x7 production monitoring and support for multiple JBOSS instances across production, DR, Training other critical environments. TOMCAT APP SERVER


? Installation and set up of Tomcat Server. ? Startup and Shutdown of Tomcat Server.


? Creation of Wrapper and automatic scripts for large number of Tomcat Servers.


? Deployment of application to Tomcat Server. bASIC UNIX • Worked on UNIX command line utilities and has hands on experience on UNIX commands to support to support the environment. LINUX INSTALL BASIC COMMANDS USER A/C AND GROUP A/C MOUNTING EXTERNAL STORAGE FILE SYSTEM

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