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MS C# Course And Training



The C#.Net training program is perfect for those who want to begin learning the Object-oriented programming language. C#.Net is the most popular programming language for web development, web technologies, application development, database administration. C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative.

About this course

Candidate will improve upon Basic programming, OOPS concept. The course is helpful for learning data structures, computer science algorithms, object-oriented programming technique. The trainer has 12+ years of experience from industry. He will highlight industrial issues and important topics of computer science algorithms.


What you'll learn


Introduction - Introduction to Computer Programs - Key Features of the C# Language - C#.Net in DotNet Framework - Running/testing a C# program


Object-Oriented Programming in C# - Working with Classes and Objects - Working with Structures - Working with Enums - Types of Constructors - Using various types of Constructors - Using Destructor


Inheritance and Polymorphism in C# - Using Inheritance in Real Time - Working with Compile Time Polymorphism (Method Overloading) - Working with Run Time Polymorphism (Method Overriding and Operator Overloading) - Working with Virtual Function - Working with Interfaces - Using Absract Classes

Static Class and Partial Class - Working with Sealed Claases - Working with Partial Classes in details - Working with Static classes and Static methods

Delegates and Events - Introduction to Delegates - Types of Delegates - Working with Single Delegate - Working with Multicast Delegate - Working with Genaric Delegate - Working with Events

Conditionals Stetaments in C# - Conditional Statements "if", "if-else", "if-elseif-else" - Conditional Statement "switch-case" - Using For loop - Using While and Do-While loop - More ways to use if/else constructs

Working With Collections, IO - Collections in C# - Working with Array, Arraylist - Working with Hashtable and Dictionary - Working with Generics - Working with Streams - Using Stream Reader and Stream Writer.

Programming Using Visual C#.Net - C#.Net Program Design - Variables and types - Value types and reference types (CTS) - Strings and arrays - The Console class - String formatting - Programming Structures - Command-line arguments - VS.NET to Create C#.NET Apps - Implementation of C# 3.0/3.5 features – Implicit types , Extention Methods

Introduction To Winform - I - Windows forms library – WinForms - Layout Enhancements - Forms and controls – Hierarchy - Creating simple GUI by hand - Event handling - Basic controls - Windows forms – buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, panels, group boxes, list boxes, picture boxes.

Windows Forms – II - Using Menus - Using Built-in dialog boxes and printing - A new MDI forms strategy - More about ToolStrips, StatusStrips and progress bars - Inheritance with forms - Working with New Controls – Web Browser, Property Grid etc

Handling Exceptions - Handling Exceptions: An overview - Unstructured exception handling support - Structured exception handling - Exception categories - Catching and throwing exceptions - Handling multiple exceptions and errors - Debugging the application

Course Details
  • Duration: 40 Hours

  • hours effort: 8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: INR 11800/-

  • Subject: 

  • Level: beginner

Prerequisites​: Basic computer knowledge should be enough to get started
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c# .net training in bangalore, dot net training in bangalore, advanced .net training in bangalore, .net course in bangalore fee, asp.net mvc training in bangalore