MS ASP.NET MVC Course And Training



The ASP.Net MVC is perfect for those who wants to accelerate their career by learning this framework with MVC design pattern. ASP.Net MVC is most popular now a days for web development, web technologies for its easy maintainable approach.

About this course

Candidate will improve upon their MVC way of programming instead of tightly coupled programming approach. Trainer has 12+ years of experience from industry. He will highlight industrial issues and important topics of large project with ASP.Net MVC


What you'll learn


Introduction to ASP.Net MVC - Introduction to MVC Design Pattern - Key Benefits of ASP.Net MVC - Models, Views, Controllers - Difference from Webforms Application Development


Razor Engine and ASP.NET MVC - Razor Engine's Goals - Creating A Simple View - Intermingling Code and Markup - Models and ViewData - HTML Helpers - Partial Views - Layout Views - Startup Code - Configuration


Controllers in ASP.NET MVC - Introduction to Controller - Understanding Controller in Depth - Receiving Input & Output - Controller Base Class - Default Controller Factory - Creating Custom Controller Factory.


Models in ASP.NET MVC - Introduction to Model - Validation in MVC - Data Annotations in Model - Custom Validation Attributes - Self-validating models - Client validation - Custom client validation - Remote validation


Views in ASP.NET MVC - Introduction to View - Understanding of View Engine in Depth - Types of View Engines - Creating Custom View Engine - Understanding & Creating Data Model


NuGet Package Management - Introduction Package Management - Where Do They Come From and Where do They Go? - Package Dependencies - Bootstrapping - Powershell - Custom Packages


Dependency Resolution in ASP.NET MVC - Dependency Resolution - Working with IDependencyResolver - Working with Controller Injection - Working with View Injection - Working with Activators - Using Filter Extensibility - Using Model Related Extensiblity


ASP.Net MVC Filters - Introduction to Filters - Types of Filters - Authorize Filters - Exception Filters - Action Filters - Result Filters - Using Built In Filters

HTML Helper Methods - Using Built in Form Helper Methods - Creating Custom Helper Methods - Creating and Using Templated Helper Methods - Using Model Metadata

URL Routing - Introduction to URL Routing - Creating & Registering a simple route - Defining Default Values & Using Static URL Segment - Constraining Routes - Bypassing the Routing System - Configuring Route outside of DLL

State Management in ASP.Net MVC - Using Hidden Fields - Session Application State - Custom Model Bindings - Working with Viewbag and ViewData - Working with TempData

Test Driven Development with ASP.Net MVC - Understanding of Test driven Development - Unit Testing Frameworks - Walk through of using TDD with ASP.Net MVC

Course Details
  • Duration: 25

  • hours effort: 6 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 23600/-

  • Subject: Microsoft Technologies

  • Level: beginner


Basic knowledge of computers and windows OS.