Microcontroller Training and ARM based microcontroller courses in bangaore

Microcontroller Programming with ARM Course And Training


About this course


Skills on Protocols, practical implementation and the possibility of porting an OS over the core and the whole course will help to understand the implementation of complex operations in a processor.

What you'll learn

1. Introduction to basic Microcontrollers


2. What is an ARM processor?

3. Need for a processor?

4. Architecture of ARM microprocessor

5. Instruction sets and memory layout.

6. Registers of ARM LPC2148

7. How to use a Compiler like "KEIL" and generate an hexfile(.hex).

8. How to use tools of KEIL and PROTEUS to debug.


9. Coding on different scenarios like

   - blinking of an LED - seven segment display - working with Digital and Analog sensors - wireless Modules


10. How to Upload the .hex file to the processor.



11. Protocols

    - UART,SPI & I2C.


12. Interrupts

    - Vectored - Non-Vectored


13. Seven processor Modes

Course Details
  • Duration: 40​​​

  • hours effort: 10 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 14160/-​

  • Subject: Embedded Systems

  • Level: beginner


Basic knowledge of microcontrollers and its architecture strong skills on C programming and troubleshooting, understanding of digital & Analog input/output, protocols like UART, SPI, I2C.