Jenkins Syllabus Course And Training

 Challenges before Continuous Integration

  •  Challenges before Continuous Integration


What is Continuous Integration?

  •  What is Continuous Integration?


Benefits of Continuous Integration

  •  Benefits of Continuous Integration


Tools of Continuous Integration

  •  Tools of Continuous Integration


Introduction to Jenkins

  •  Introduction to Jenkins


Configuring Jenkins

  •  Configuring Jenkins


Build Setup in Jenkins

  •  Build Setup in Jenkins


Jenkins Dashboard

  •  Jenkins Dashboard


Creating jobs in Jenkins

  •  Creating jobs in Jenkins


Configuring Security in Jenkins

  •  Configuring Security in Jenkins


Plugin Management in Jenkins

  •  Plugin Management in Jenkins


Notification System

  •  Notification System


Jenkins Maven

  •  Jenkins Maven


Integration Jenkins Best Practices

  •  Integration Jenkins Best Practices

Course Details

Duration: 10 hours

Effort: 6 hours per week

Price With GST: 5500/-


Level: Beginner