Embedded C Short topics (videos)

Popular series of how to write better Embedded C 
1. Writing better C for Embedded Systems

The C programming language offers a great deal of control over the target hardware. Unfortunately, it also invites you to write code that's unreadable, buggy and brittle. This session presents a general approach to embedded programming along with specific programming guidelines to help you write C code that's more reliable, maintainable and portable than it would otherwise be, without sacrificing efficiency. Nearly all of this advice applies equally well to C++. The session also presents a few C++ techniques that help you write even better code. This 90-minute session is parsed into 4 sections, which you should watch in order.

2. Most misunderstood features of C

Most programming languages have dark corners. C seems to have more than its share. Almost all C programmers struggle to some extent with parts of the language that they don't quite understand. (C++ programmers struggle with many of the same features.) That which you don't understand could be hurting your productivity, reducing the quality of your work, and taking away some of your fun. This session explains some of the most misunderstood features of C, including linkage, incomplete types, tag names, lvalues and rvalues. The insights you'll gain should help you be a better, more productive, and happier programmer. Originally presented in two, 90-minute segments, it has been divided into 9 sections which should be viewed in order.