Docker Syllabus Course And Training

Challenges before Containerization

  •  Understanding micro services

  •  VMs for micro services


What is a Container?

  •  What is a Container?


VM v/s Containers

  •  VM v/s Containers


Benefits of Containerization

  •  Benefits of Containerization


Introduction to Docker

  •  Introduction to Docker


Docker Fundamentals

  •  Docker Fundamentals


Architecture of Docker

  •  Architecture of Docker


Creating & Executing Docker Images

  •  Creating & Executing Docker Images


Image Distribution

  •  Image Distribution


Docker Registry

  •  Docker Registry


What is Docker Hub?

  •  What is Docker Hub?


Docker Containers

  •  Docker Containers


Creating Docker Files

  •  Creating Docker Files


Using Docker Compose to compose scripts

  •  Using Docker Compose to compose scripts


Using Docker Volumes

  •  Using Docker Volumes

Course Details

Duration: 10 hours

Effort: 6 hours per week

Price With GST: 5500/-


Level: Beginner