Django Course And Training

What you'll learn

1. Introduction to Web Framework

            - MVC – MVT

            -Why Django

            -Install Django , Sublime Text, Sqllitedb browser


2. Getting Started with Django

            - Creating Project , Applications

            - Running the server to display “Welcome to Django”

             - Understanding,


3. Setting up Models

            - Database in python

            - Database setup

            - Working with databases

            - Populate values in sqlite database

            - Perform CRUD operations with database tables

            - Check the contents using Shell


4. Basic Templates

            - Creating and Rendering templates

            - Adding the application to file

            - Template DIRs structure


5. Advanced Templates

            - Working with HTML , CSS and Bootstrap

            - Variables (Modify,, .html files)

            - Template Inheritance

            - Tags and filters

6.  Working with MVT Pattern

            -Integration of Models, Views, Template

            - Adding new field to the model

            - Migration


7. Working with Admin

            - Managing the Admin

            -Creating Super User

            - Modifying the Admin page


8. Forms:

            -Creating Forms

            - Modifying (,

            - Sending Email

9. Statics Files

10. Caching

            - Memcached

            -Database caching

            -File system caching

11. Session & Auth handling in django

Course Details
  • Duration: 25 hours

  • hours effort:  8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 10000/-

  • Subject: Web Development

  • Level: Beginner


Knowledge of Python

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