RTS Knowledge is a part of Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd a company involved in design, development & manufacturing different electronic products catering various applications in the market. Real Time Signals Technology Pvt Ltd has a wide range of embedded products & DSP to its credit. The products are constantly improved upon through continuous innovation & research. RTS over the period has diversified its operations, grown into one of the India's premier organizations, developing sophisticated hi-tech hardware & software products, providing embedded solutions, enterprise resource planning, engineering solutions for a basic service provider/client to a complex network/cluster of service centers, which has become the necessity of the day. An excellent process methodology brings home the advantage of delivering solutions on time, every time.

Digital Signal Processing Course And Training


BE/B.Tech in ECE/EEE/EIE/ Electronics/Biomedical/CSE/IT/ Mechatronics, MCA; Master of Science (M.Sc.) (Electronics/ Instrumentation, CS, Physics with specialization in Electronics); Master of Technology in CSE/IT /Electronics/Mechatronics.


  •  Four Months

  • (1Hr Theory +4 Hr Practicals)

Course Content:


  • Basic DSP

Discrete time representation of signal and systems:

Transform domain Representation of signals, Transform domain representation of LTI system, Digital processing of continuous time signals, Digital filter structures


  • Advance DSP

Digital Filter Design:

Digital Algorithm Implementation Considerations, Analysis of finite word length effect:

Multirate Digital Signal processing, Linear prediction, Digital Wiener filtering , Least mean squares adaptive filter


  • Communication Systems

Introduction and Probability Models, Realizations of analog communication systems, Along with above we also cover Communication systems, Mathematical modeling and simulations(MMS) using matlab & Simulink


  • Matlab programming

MATLAB Product Description, MATLAB Environment, Matrices and Arrays, Plotting, Expressions, Programming and Scripting, Matrices and Magic squares, Toolbox introductions,Linear Algebra

Mex for executing C programs, Basic Simulink, Basic State machines for control systems


  • Application on Beagle bone black

Implementation of program on platform, Architecture, Board bringup


  • CCS Studio IDE

Basic startup setup, Implementing algorithms and compiling, Porting the algorithms to Different platforms


  • Fixed point Implementation

Basic theory, Converting floating point algorithms to fixed point


  • Image Processing

Overview, Image representation, Image formation, Intensity transformations, Image enhancement, Fourier Transform, Image sampling, Image restoration, Image segmentation, Image sequence


  • Audio Processing

Digital Audio Recording and Playback, Microphone Array Processing, Noise Reduction, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Acoustic Feedback Control, Reverb/De-reverberation

  • Video processing

Spatio-temporal sampling; Sampling structure conversion (without using motion) , Motion Analysis

Real versus apparent motion, Spatial-temporal constraint methods (optical flow equation), Block-matching methods, Mesh-based methods, Region-based (parametric) motion modeling, Motion segmentation and layered video representations, Motion-compensated (MC) filtering, Noise reduction, Signal recovery and general inverse problems, Restoration (deblurring), Superresolution, Mosaicing, Deinterlacing, Frame-rate conversion (MC-Interpolation), Video Watermarking, Video Compression , Frame-based compression ,principles behind MPEG-1/2), Scalable or layered frame-based compression, Object-based compression (principles behind MPEG-4) , Video communication, Video streaming and error-resilience


  •  Speech processing

spectral estimation for speech signals, elementary psychoacoustics concepts (loudness, pitch, timbre, critical bands), speech features (pitch, formants, loudness), Speech Recognition, elementary acoustic-phonetic components, cepstral features, local distance metrics, dynamic time warping, hidden Markov modeling, large vocabulary search algorithms, statistical language modeling, applications of speech recognition


  • Wifi Physical Layer

OFDM, Channel equalization, quantization, Modulation Techniques, Encoder and decoder blocks