Data Science Courses And Training


What would you gain?

  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by a Data Scientist

  • Analyse Big Data using R, Hadoop and Machine Learning

  • Understand the Data Analysis Life Cycle

  • Work with different data formats like XML, CSV and SAS, SPSS, etc.

  • Learn tools and techniques for data transformation

  • Understand Data Mining techniques and their implementation

  • Analyse data using machine learning algorithms in R

  • Work with Hadoop Mappers and Reducers to analyze data

  • Implement various Machine Learning Algorithms in Apache Mahout

  • Gain insight into data visualization and optimization techniques

  • Explore the parallel processing feature in R

Advantages of Data Science training

  • Certifies your ability to handle and analyze

  • Big DataGives you a bigger pay package

  • Provides an opportunity to get hired by top global organizations

  • Guarantees better career prospects.

  • Best Training institute in Bangalore for Data Science, Software Automation.

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