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What you'll learn

Hardware  and  OS       


Computer Introduction


  • Types of computer

  • Application in various field

  • Architecture

  • Generation/ History of computer

  • Memory unit size comparison

  • Types of Memory in computer




  • Introduction  and types

  • SRAM and DRAM

  • Dynamic RAM detail

  • RAM Brands




  • Introduction  and importance

  • Types of ROM

  • BIOS and CMOS


Cache Memory


  • Introduction and importance

  • Cache memory size in different processors


Virtual Memory


  • Introduction and importance

  • Modifying Virtual memory size



  • Introduction

  • Circuit diagram

  • Each port detail

  • Different form factors

  • Different chipset family

  • Different  Processor Socket

  • Motherboard brands




  • Introduction

  • Processor brands

  • Intel processor series

  • AMD processor series

  • Different Buses

  • Clock rate, Hyperthreading

  • Turbo boost, CISC, MISC


Hard Disk


  • Track, Sector, Cylinder, Cluster

  • HD platters speed (RPM), SATA versions

  • Access time, seek time, Latency

  • Disk defragmentation

  • Different Brands

  • Deleted Data Recovery

  • Formatted data recovery

  • Deleted Partition Recovery


Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS


  • Types and  working mechanism


Switch Mode Power Supply


  • Working Process

  • Checking SMPS Power problem


Printers  and  Scanners


  • Types and  working mechanism

  • Types of Cartridge in printer


PC Assembling


  • Desktop System Assembling

  • Laptop System Assembling

  • Server System  Assembling


Operating System


  • Shell and  kernel file of window OS

  • Basic DOS Commands

  • Installation window vista, 7, 8, 10

  • Driver installation

  • Device manger

  • Essential configuration after Installation

  • Application software installation

  • OS Edition Up gradation

  • OS Version up gradation

  • Some important OS features


User Account


  • Administrator and Standard account

  • By default users

  • Creating users

  • Logging with users and checking individual users profile

  • Deleting users only and with profile also



Task Scheduler


  • Automate display message

  • Automate Playing music

  • Automate opening programs



File System


  • Introduction and use

  • Different File System

  • File Security

  • Disk Quota

  • Disk Compression

  • File Encryption

  • Upgrading NTFS from FAT


Group Policy( gpedit.msc)


  • Disabling Task Manager

  • Disabling Desktop icons

  • Disabling Start menu icons

  • Disabling Right click


Regedit, Dxdiag, msconfig, appwiz.cpl etc.


MS Outlook Configuration


  • Configure Outlook for gmail account

  • Configure Outlook for multiple account

  • Configuring different Inbox for multiple account

  • Sending / receiving mails

  • Configure Password to open Outlook

  • Rules and Alerts Configuration

  • Backup of Outlook.pst file

  • Restoring of Outlook.pst file

  • Recovering corrupted  .pst file


Disk Management


  • Adding New Hard drive

  • Creating New volumes with different File System

  • Creating NTFS mount  Folder

  • Shrinking Volume

  • Extent Volume

  • Changing or Removing drive letter


Types of System password


  • OS user password: Enable, Disable and Recover

  • Syskey password: Enable, Disable and Recover

  • BIOS password: Enable, Disable and Recover


Batch File


  • Introduction and use

  • How to create

  • Executing Single command

  • Executing multiple command

  • Secure hiding of directory

  • Creating less memory  problem

  • Crashing System




  • Working mechanism of Virus

  • How virus spread

  • Types of computer Infections

  • History of virus

  • Common type of virus

  • Reason to create virus

  • Symptoms of virus infected PC

  • Prevention from virus

  • Well known anti viruses

  • Availability of antivirus


Advanced Recovery options


  • Safe mode

  • Safe mode with command Prompt

  • Safe mode with networking

  • Last known good configuration




  • Hardware problem - 10 practical

  • Software problem - 10 practical




  • Written

  • Oral

Course Details
  • Duration: 40hours

  • Effort: 8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: /-

  • Subject: Hardware

  • Level: Beginner




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