Ansible Syllabus Course And Training

Introduction About Automation

  •  Introduction About Automation


Ansible architecture

  •  Ansible architecture


Ansible Modules and inventory

  •  Ansible Modules and inventory


Manage tasks by Add-hoc method

  •  Manage tasks by Add-hoc method


How to write Playbooks

  •  How to write Playbooks


Variables And Facts In Playbook

  •  Variables And Facts In Playbook


Condition & Loop in playbook

  •  Condition & Loop in playbook


Notify & handler In playbook

  •  Notify & handler In playbook


Manage Templates file

  •  Manage Templates file


Roles Structure and Ansible Galaxy Use case

  •  Roles Structure and Ansible Galaxy Use case


Vault Encryption In ansible for security

  •  Vault Encryption In ansible for security


Ansible Integration with Aws Cloud

  •  Ansible Integration with Aws Cloud


Dynamic inventory Administration

  •  dynamic inventory Administration


Ansible Tower Management

  •  Ansible Tower Management


Manage jobs in Tower

  •  Manage jobs in Tower


Tower Intregration With Devops Environment

  •  Tower Intregration With Devops Environment

Course Details

Duration: 10 hours

Effort: 6 hours per week

Price With GST: 17700/-


Level: Beginner