Android App development course & Training certification

5 Week, intensive Android application course in Bangalore

Next cohort starts on 1st November in Bangalore

Android Course And Training

Course Details:

  •  Five Weeks

  • (1Hr Theory +4 Hr Practicals) 

  • Intermediate Skill Level

  • Prerequisites: Core Java programming

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Learn Android application developmet in a fast-paced, Supportive environment

Theory ==> Practicals ===> Assignment ==> Case study==> Evaluation ==> Certificate ==> Subject Expert

Up-to-date Skills

We offer a razor sharp focus on the skills employers are looking for

Build your Portfolio

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-  100% JOB Placement in MNC & Mid Size Companies with Good Salaries

-  Highly talented and 10+ Years Experienced Trainer

-  Android development training has seen tremendous amount of growth in past few years.

-  Android application development has become a tool for many businesses to directly interact with retail customers.

-  Android application development is getting used in IOT and Artificial Intelligence.  

-  Well Equipped Class Rooms and Lab Facility

-  In a Class Batch Size will be Max. 8 Students Only

-  ONE-to-ONE Tuitions to make Students software Experts

-  Students get Live Project to practice

-  Week Day/Week end / Evening and Early morning batches

-  Pay only after FREE DEMO CLASS

-  We help to get your Dream Job

-  Skilled candidates will get the opportunity to work with our Development team.

-  Fast Track course available with best Fees

-  Software Certification Guidance Support with Exam Dumps

-  Basic programming & Advanced Software programming Mock Tests and Mock Interviews Conducted by Industry Experts


Course Duration: 1 Month Practical training classes with Project

Timings & Schedules: All Days Classes - Weekdays / Weekends (Sat & Sun)


What you will Learn 

The Android Development Environment know how
1 Week
  • Lecture #1 – The Android Platform

  • Lecture #2 – The Android Development Environment

  • Lab #1: Setup: Students identify required software & install it on their personal computers.

  • Students perform several tasks to familiarize themselves with the Android Platform and Development

  • Environment.

  • Lecture #3 – Application Fundamentals

  • Lecture #4 – The Activity Class

  • Lab #1a – The Activity Lifecycle & Reconfiguration: Students build applications that trace the

  • lifecycle callback methods issued by the Android platform and that demonstrate Android's behavior

  • when the device configuration changes (e.g., when the device moves from portrait to landscape mode and back).

Intent and other classes
2nd Week
  • Lecture #5 – The Intent Class

  • Lecture #6 – Permissions

  • Lecture #7 – The Fragment Class

  • Lab #2a - Intents & Permissions: Students build applications that require starting multiple Activities via both standard and custom Intents.

  • Lab #2b - Permissions: Students build applications that require standard and custom permissions.

  • Lab #2c – Multi-pane and single-pane User Interfaces: Students build an application that uses a single code base, but creates different user interfaces depending on a device's screen size.

  • Lectures #8 – User Interface Classes - Part I

  • Lectures #9 – User Interface Classes - Part II

  • Lab #2d – ToDoManager: Students build a ToDo list manager using the user interface elements discussed in lecture. The application allows users to create new ToDo Items and to display them in a ListView.

User Notification and background tasks
3rd Week
  • Lecture #10 – User Notifications

  • Lecture #11 – The Broadcast Receiver Class

  • Lecture #12 – Threads, Async Task & Handlers

  • Lecture #13 - Alarms

  • Lecture #14 - Networking

  • Lab #3a – Threads: We'll write concurrent, multi-threaded code to load To Do items from a networked server via background threads (i.e., without blocking the main UI thread).

  • Lab #3b - Broadcast Receiver: We'll build an application that uses a Broadcast Receiver to react when events such as connecting and disconnecting the charger occur.

Multimedia & graphics animation
4th Week
  • Lecture #15 – Graphics & Animation I

  • Lecture #16 – Graphics & Animation II

  • Lecture #17 – Multi-touch & Gestures

  • Lecture #18 – MultiMedia

  • Lab #4a - Gesture Sampler: Students build and application that accepts gesture input, such as using an "X" gesture to delete, using a "?" gesture to show help, etc.

  • Lab #4b - Bubble Popper: We'll write an application to display and animate bubbles (graphics that look like bubbles) on the device's screen. When users touch the screen where a bubble appears, the bubble pops.

Multimedia & graphics animation
5th Week
  • Lecture #19 – Sensors

  • Lecture #20 – Location & Maps

  • Lab #5a - Obstacle Course: Students build an application that uses the orientation of the device (tilting, rotating, etc.) to guide an object around obstacles.

  • Lecture #21 – DataManagement

  • Lecture #22 – The ContentProvider Class

  • Lecture #23 – The Service Class

  • Lab #5b - Data Management (SQL): Students develop a database for storing and retrieving multimedia notes with textual tags.

  • Lab #5c - Mutlimedia Notes Content Provider: Students extend the multimedia notes database so multimedia notes can be shared via a ContentProvider across multiple applications.

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