Advanced Excel


About this course
       Excel and Advance Excel


What you'll learn

Advanced Excel

Working with Styles & Formatting

  • Cell Styles

  • Creating lists using Table

  • Formatting the structure of a list

  • Advanced Conditional Formatting

  • Working with different option of conditional formatting


Working with Range Names

  • Defying a range name

  • Defying the scope of a range name

  • Modifying/deleting the range name


Data Validations

  • Specifying a valid range of values for a cell

  • Specifying a list of valid values for a cell

  • Specifying custom validations based on formula for a cell

  • Using dynamic range name in validation


  • Add a Chart to an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Add, Remove and Format Gridlines

  • Apply a Chart Layout, Chart Style

  • Format an Axis

  • Change the Axis Scale

  • Format the Data Series

Working with Pivot tables

  • Creating subtotals

  • Multiple-level subtotals

  • Creating Pivot tables

  • Formatting and customizing Pivot tables

  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables

  • Creating group in Pivot tables

  • Pivot charts

  • Create a standalone Pivot Chart


  • Creating Dashboard

  • Using Timeline, Charts, Slicer and Sparkline.

Course Details
  • Duration:  hours

  • hours effort:  8 hours per week

  • Price With GST: 5000/-

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