Advance Java Course And Training

Advanced Java – J2EE Overview
Part 1:

Java Database Connectivity (4.1)

Java Servlet (3.1)

Java Server Pages (2.3)

JSTL Tag Library

Part 2:

Spring Framework (4.1.7)

Hibernate Framework (4.3.10)

Web Services à SOAP and REST Services (Apache CXF / Jersey)



Spring Framework
Introduction to Spring Framework
  • Benefits of Spring Framework

  • Overview of Spring  Framework Architecture

  • Layer Architecture of  Spring  Framework

IOC (Inversion of Control) Container


  • Bean Factory Container

  • Application Context Container

  • Bean Definition

  • Bean Scope

  • Bean Life cycle

  • Bean Post Processor

  • Bean Inheritance


DI (Dependent Injection)

  • Setter-based Injection

  • Constructor-based Injection

  • Injecting Inner bean

  • Injecting collection

  • Beans wiring

  • Beans Auto-wiring

Annotation based configuration

  • @Required annotation

  • @Autowired annotation

  • @qualifier

  • @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy

  • @Resource

  • @Configuration and @Bean

AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming)

  • AOP Concepts

  • SP AspectJ Annotation

  • SP AspectJ XML

Transaction  Management

  • ACID levels

  • Local vs. Global Transactions

  • Programmatic vs. Declarative

  • Transaction  Methods

  • Isolation levels

  • Propagation types

  • Programmatic Transaction Management

  • Declarative Transaction Management

Spring JDBC Framework

  • JDBC Template

  • PreparedStatement

  • ResultSetExtractor

  • RowMapper

  • NamedParameter

  • SimpleJdbcTemplate

  • SQL Stored Procedure in Spring

  • Using DAO support

  • Using AOP transaction support

  • Applying Transaction support and integrating with DB

      Spring Security

      Batch processing

      E-Mail processing

      Spring Integration with Hibernate

      Spring Integration with Struts

      Spring Web MVC Framework

  • Overview of Spring MVC Framework Architecture

  • Handler mapping

  • Controllers

  • View Resolvers

  • Annotations

  • Log4j

  • Validations

  • Security

  • JAXB

  • Integration with Hibernate

  • Exception Handling

  • Restful Web Service


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