Certificate In Adobe Photoshop Advanced

Adobe Photoshop software, the professional image-editing standard, helps you work more efficiently, explore new creative options and produce the highest quality images for print, the Web and anywhere else. Create exceptional imagery with easier access to file data; streamlined Web design; faster, professional-quality photo retouching; and more.

Course Objectives:

The Advanced Photoshop course is available for those who wish to take their skills to the next level. This course covers colour settings and colour management, sophisticated image adjustment, additional special effects and advanced layer techniques.


This course is instructor led, involving the utilization of examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

Adobe Certification:

The content of this training is in line with the Adobe Certified Expert exam and in conjunction with further modules would make you eligible for the full Adobe Certification qualification

Course Contents:

Understanding Channels:

  • Saving Selections

  • Using Clipping Paths

  • Using the Quick Mask Mode

  • Refining Selection Edges


Advanced image adjustment methods:

  • Levels

  • Curves

  •  Using ‘replace colour’

  •  The colour range command

  • Advanced masking methods


Further Content-Aware:

  • History and using History Brush

  • Creating Snapshots


Advanced layer techniques:


  • Layer Perspective

  • Locking Transparency

  •  Layer Masking

  •  Using Adjustment Layers

  •  Clipping Layers Together

  •  Understanding Smart Objects


Using the Creative Painting Tools:

  • Examining the Filters

  •  Useful Tips and Tricks 

  • Creating Popular Effects


Automate Repetitive Tasks:

  • Recording and using actions

  • Droplets

  •  Batch processing

  •  The file browser

Course Details

Duration: 15 Days

Effort: 15 hours

Price With GST: /-

Subject: Graphic Design

Level: Advanced


It is recommended that students have either attended the Introduction/ Intermediate Photoshop course or have a good working knowledge of those course topics.