Certificate In Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop software, the professional image-editing standard, helps you work more efficiently, explore new creative options and produce the highest quality images for print, the Web and anywhere else. Create exceptional imagery with easier access to file data; streamlined Web design; faster, professional-quality photo retouching; and more.

Course Objectives:

The Adobe Photoshop training course aims to enable delegates to be able to produce a broad range of images for use in documents including newsletters, product leaflets, adverts, posters and sales material. The course is also suited for the creation of on-screen and internet images.


This course is instructor led, involving the utilization of examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

Adobe Certification:

The content of this training is in line with the Adobe Certified Expert exam and in conjunction with further modules would make you eligible for the full Adobe Certification qualification.

Course Contents:

Photoshop Orientation:

  • Starting Photoshop

  •  The Photoshop Workspace

  •  Working with The Palette Dock

  •  Working with Palettes And Palette Groups

  •  Palette Techniques

  •  About The Toolbox

  •  Working With The Options Bar

  •  Opening An Existing Document

  •  Creating A New Image

  •  Brush Tool Essentials

  •  Selecting Colours Using The Swatches Palette

  •  Undoing Actions

  •  Exiting Photoshop


Navigating in Photoshop:

  • Understanding the Document Window

  • Navigating with The Navigator Palette

  •  Navigating with The Hand and Zoom Tools 

  • Navigating with Keyboard Shortcuts

  •  Changing Screen Modes

  •  Working With Multiple Documents  

Tonal and Colour Corrections:


  • Understanding Tonality and Histogram Palette

  • Using Levels to Improve Contrast

  • Adjusting Levels Automatically

  • Using Curves to Improve Contrast

  • Opening Up Shadows

  •  Repairing Photos That Needed Fill Flash

  • Repairing Photos with Too Much Flash

  •  Using Auto Colour

  • Adjusting Colour Balance

  • Painting the Sky Blue

  • Desaturating Colours Selectively

  •  Changing Hues Selectively


Retouching and Repairing Images:


  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool

  • Removing Blemishes

  •  Removing Bags Under Eyes

  •  Reducing Freckles Or Acne

  •  Whitening Eyes

  •  Whitening Teeth

  •  Reducing Hot Spots

  •  Reducing Wrinkles

  •  Repairing Large Areas

  •  Removing Red Eye

  •  Changing Eye Colour

  •  Sharpening An Image


Digital Image Basics:


  • Understanding File Formats

  •  Understanding File Size

  •  Understanding Colour Mode

  • Understanding Resizing and Resampling

  •  Resizing an Image For Printing

  •  Resampling An Image

  • Cropping Images

  •  Cropping Images Without The Crop Tool

  •  Using The Crop Tool To Add A Border


Transforming Images:

  •  Flipping and Rotating Images

  • Straightening Photos

  •  Straightening Scanned Images

  • Correcting Perspective Problems

  •  Skewing and Rotating Images · Warping Images

Making Selections:

  • Using the Marquee Tools

  • Working with Selections

  •  Using the Lasso and Polygonal Lasso Tools 

  • Using the Magic Wand Tool

  • Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool

  •  Modifying Selections Using Quick Mask Mode

  • Extracting Selections from The Background

  • Cleaning Up Extractions

Working with Layers:

  • About Layer Masks

  •  Filling Text with An Image

  •  Applying A Soft-Focus Effect

  •  Applying A Blurred Lighting Vignette

  • Applying A Focus Vignette Effect

  •  Using A Gradient Mask

  • Converting A Colour Image to Greyscale 

  • Using Multiple Adjustment Layers

  •  Understanding Blending Modes

  • Dodging and Burning With Overlay Blend Mode

Text Essentials:

  • Adding Point Type

  • Changing Text Colour

  • Changing Text Size

  •  Editing Text

  •  Adding Paragraph Type

  •  Warping Text

  •  Adding Special Text Effects with Layer Styles

  • Drawing Paths for Text

  •  Creating Text on A Path

Printing and Saving Images:

  • Printing Single Images

  •  Using the Print Dialog Box

  • Creating A Picture Package

  •  Creating A Web Photo Gallery

  •  Creating A Contact Sheet

  •  Saving Layered Files

  •  Saving Images in A New Format

  •  Understanding The Save For Web Dialog Box

  • Optimizing Photos For The Web Part

  • Optimizing Photos For The Web Part

  •  Creating A PDF Presentation

Course Details

Duration: 2 Monts

Effort: 72 hours

Price With GST: /-

Subject: Graphic Design

Level: Beginner


It is designed for anyone who contributes to a Web Site or company Intranet, or who needs to create graphics for any other multi-media presentations.